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machine gun massager
machine gun massager

The machine gun massager, also known as the deep myofascial impactor, is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool that relaxes the soft tissues of the body through high frequency impact. [1] The machine gun massager can be understood as a civilian version of DMS (electric deep muscle stimulator). The vibration frequency will change when used, and its basic function is similar to that of DMS. [2] The use of the fascia gun must pay attention to the method and method. At the same time, the first use of the machine gun massager needs to be used under the guidance of professionals. It is best to proceed step by step, otherwise it may cause damage.

mechanism of action

The large round head of the cordless muscle massager is generally used for shoulders, buttocks, thighs; the small round head is used for large muscles such as arms and calves. [6] The cordless muscle massager should be used along the human muscle texture and the direction of the fascia, not just the sore points of the muscles. However, it cannot be used in parts with a large number of nerves and blood vessels such as the head and neck vertebrae and spine. The recommended duration of use for each part is 3 to 5 minutes. [7] The correct use of the fascia gun will not cause muscle swelling, so if this happens, it means that the muscle has been damaged due to improper use.

Vibration amplitude

The amplitude is about 10-16mm, and the frequency is about 30-50Hz.

vibration frequency

The fascia gun transmits force and vibration to the fascia of the human body through high-frequency vibration (2000-3200 times/min), thereby increasing the blood flow of the tissue, relaxing the muscles, and can cause the relative displacement of the human tissue through resonance. , Reduce tissue adhesion, restore the elasticity of muscles and fascia, relax the tense and stiff fascia, and relieve some discomfort symptoms of the human body.

utility effect


The cordless muscle massager can help improve the pain symptoms of patients with fasciitis, and the vibration frequency is stable, which can promote muscle and soft tissue recovery. [9] The relevant person in charge of the Rehabilitation Treatment Special Committee of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine stated that through vibration, it can promote the recovery of muscles and surrounding soft tissues or eliminate fatigue, which indirectly affects the repair of tissues. That is to say, the massage gun can help improve the pain symptoms of patients with fasciitis, and the vibration frequency is stable, which can promote muscle and soft tissue recovery. [10]

exercise relaxation

After exercise, muscle tension, lactic acid accumulation, hypoxia, especially after excessive exercise, the muscles are very stiff and it is difficult to recover on their own. The outer layer of human muscles will be wrapped by a layer of fascia, so that muscle fibers can contract in an orderly direction and achieve a better functional state. After excessive exercise, the muscle fascia can be swelled or squeezed, resulting in soreness and discomfort. The  the massage gun solves problems such as muscle tension through external physical methods, similar to the functions of ligament stretching, muscle pulling, and auxiliary manual massage after professional athletes finished training. There is still a difference between using and not using it. With the help of the  the massage gun, the recovery time and efficiency after exercise will be improved. Reasonable and correct use of the fascia gun can indeed help relieve muscle soreness after exercise. [11]

In sports training, the use of the machine massage gun can be divided into three parts, namely warm-up before exercise, activation during exercise, and recovery after exercise.

Before exercising, use the fascia gun to quickly impact the muscle group to be exercised, increase the temperature and blood flow of the muscle group, and help achieve a rapid warm-up effect.

Use the machine massage gun between sets to reactivate tired muscles and prepare them for the next set.

The vibration of the fascia gun has high and low frequencies, and the higher the frequency, the shallower the effect. If it is a deep muscle, more low frequency is used, and the low frequency impact will be slower and longer. The application of high frequency is more of friction, which generates heat through friction, which is more suitable for relieving muscle stiffness. [12]

Use the fascia gun after exercise. According to the principle of trigger points, it can impact the muscle group after a long time of exercise, so as to help metabolize lactic acid and reduce muscle tension. For example, after doing push-ups, use the fascia gun to hit the pectoralis major and minor muscles for at least two minutes.

For people

Not everyone can use the machine massage gun. If the operation is not professional, it will also cause personal injury, and it will not have much effect on the repair of soft tissue damage. If it is used improperly or for a long time, it may also increase fatigue, and pregnant women or people with health problems should not use it.

This fascia gun breaks the traditional professional fascial gun, with a big, stupid and hard design. With a streamlined and concise design, the product is full of technology and fashion, which makes people addicted to it.

Tiny Body, Huge Energy. Less than the size of a mobile phone, but full of energy

All Metal Body, Luxurious Texture is made of aviation aluminum, all CNC precision machining, plus the surface treatment technology of iPhone, to create a precise and ultimate tactile experience. Metal Magnetic Massage Head For Better Experience

Magnetic massage can generate magnetic flux and the energy necessary for human cells. It can act 5 cm below the epidermis, dilate blood vessels, increase blood flow and oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, improve microcirculation, promote metabolism, enhance cell vitality and prevent damage. tissue repair capacity.

Four professional massage heads to meet the needs of different muscle groups:

Magnetic flat head / suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscles

Magnetic cylinder head / suitable for impacting deep tissues, such as meridians, palms, soles of feet

Ball massage head / suitable for massage of large muscle groups, such as arms, back, buttocks, thighs, calves

U-shaped massage head / suitable for massage of spine, shoulder and neck, Achilles tendon

Four Adjustable Speed Levels For Different Massage Needs

Multiple options are available, producing 1200-3200 vibrations per minute to meet the needs of different groups of people. There is also a physiotherapy mode, 1200~3200 rpm cycle switching, and the vibration fluctuates and changes, which is suitable for relaxation in various scenarios.

1st gear, muscle awakening, 1200rpm

2nd gear, fascia relax, 2000rpm

3rd gear, deep massage, 3200rpm

Physiotherapy mode, intelligent speed change

Fast Charging & Blazing Battery Endurance

Using a 2200mAh high-capacity battery, it only takes 2.5 hours to charge, and it can bring up to 18 hours of long-lasting battery life.

Power Battery, Ensure Power Supply

The 2400mAH power battery can continuously supply power at 3C, and the transient discharge can reach more than 5C, ensuring the power source for the motor to strike powerfully.

Multi-stage Suspension Shock Absorption,Creates Deep Sea Silence

The motor adopts three-point suspension installation of silica gel, which can effectively isolate vibration, reduce noise, and double decompression of body and mind, and enjoy quiet time.

Portable Package

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