More Powerful Mini Portable Fascia Massage Gun, Sports Massage is Super Enjoyable

mini portable fascia massage gun
mini portable fascia massage gun

Friends who exercise regularly should have used or at least heard of the fascia gun. If used properly, it will have a good nursing effect on the body muscles and soft tissues. Of course, the premise is that we use the mini portable fascia massage gun. Reliable in quality. There are various styles of fascia guns on the market now, but as a relatively professional equipment, those with only a few hundred fascia guns are really not worth considering. If you want to get a good physical therapy relaxation effect, you still need to choose those brands with strong technical strength .

Of course, the fascia gun is not a massager. There are some contraindications when using it. If it is not operated properly, it will cause damage to the muscles and bones. After you have a certain understanding of this type of equipment and confirm that there are no related taboos in terms of health, you can start using it.

The packaging of this mini portable fascia massage gun is relatively simple and looks very technological. Compared with common products on the market, this fascia gun has an amplitude of 14.5mm, and the maximum speed can reach 2700RPM. The performance is very strong, so it is relatively The volume and weight are also larger.

In order to facilitate daily carrying and use, this mini portable fascia massage gun is equipped with a storage bag. In addition to the mini folding fascia gun, it can also hold a full set of massage heads and chargers, which is very practical for friends who often go out to exercise. Storage can be easily organized.

First of all, let’s take a look at the real body of this fascia gun. Its details are really excellent. The specific size is 155 × 83 × 234mm. It is made of PA, engineering glass fiber, and liquid silicone resin, so it feels very delicate and has many details. It also looks very textured, which is very different from the hundred-yuan fascia gun on the market.

The handle part of this mini folding fascia gun has a good anti-slip performance, and the material feels very comfortable. It is not easy to be stained with sweat when using it, and it is also very convenient to clean up. This fascia gun provides three levels of intensity, and the switch button for the gear is on the handle, with three LED indicators. For most friends, the intensity of one or two gears is enough for daily warm-up and relaxation.

The design of the left and right sides of the fascia gun body is slightly different, and the workmanship is very fine, which is better than the common printed LOGO.

At the same position on the other side of the mini folding fascia gun, a transparent window design is used. After the fascia gun is turned on, you can see the motor reciprocating. The effect is very technological, and it also highlights the confidence in technical strength.

This muscle relaxer massage gun puts the switch on the bottom. After opening, you can know the current residual current through the three LED lights. It is charged with the DC interface, and there is a special charger in the package. This muscle relaxer massage gun has a built-in 2500mAh battery, which can be used for 210 minutes after being fully charged. Calculated by half an hour per day, there is no problem in using it for a week, and the battery life is really good.

This fascia gun is equipped with 6 types of massage heads. In addition to the common ball head and flat head, there are also arrow heads, air cushion heads, fork heads and shovel heads. In addition to the common muscles and fascia in daily use, there are also It can be used on meridians, acupoints and joints, and both beginners and professional players can find a model that suits them.

The head of the muscle relaxer massage gun is where the massage head is installed. It is also emphasized that this fascia gun has a stroke amplitude of 14.5mm, which is indeed a black technology among similar products. In addition, this fascia gun can generate 1000-3000 vibrations per minute and has a thrust of 25KG, which can effectively relax muscles and soft tissues, promote blood circulation, fully warm up and relax before and after exercise, and relieve fatigue and deep massage in work and life. Effect.

There is a 45° rounded corner between the handle of the massage gun for fascia release and the main unit. This design is really reasonable. It is more convenient to grasp and operate. You don’t need to twist your wrist to adapt to the angle. You can easily deal with the back and neck. s position.

In actual use, we can choose the three-speed intensity of 1800-2700 speed according to our needs, of which the first speed is suitable for warming up before exercise, the speed is 1800RPM, the second speed is suitable for relaxing muscles, the speed is 2200RPM, and the third speed is suitable for deep massage, the speed is 2700RPM. Because the fascia gun has high specifications and reliable design materials, in addition to home use, it can also be used as a handy tool for professional physiotherapists.

Of course, behind the super-strong amplitude of this massage gun for fascia release, the weight is also relatively considerable, about 1 kg. Thanks to its reasonable design, although the weight is so, it is not difficult to grasp when using it. Totally easy to use. In addition, the workmanship of this fascia gun is also very good. It has the characteristics of 2 meters drop resistance. It is a rough-skinned product and is particularly durable.

When I used it in the past few days, I felt that this massage gun for fascia release not only has a considerable amplitude and depth, but also has a very precise control of the force. Basically, only the massage head part vibrates violently, while the handle and other positions are relatively stable. There is no numbness in the hands. At the same time, the noise control of this electric fascia massager is also very good, and there is no humming noise. Considering its strong massage effect, the noise control ability is really strong.

The electric fascia massager was originally a tool for sports enthusiasts and physiotherapists. In recent years, after the electric fascia massager is a professionally configured and fool-proof device, beginners can easily get a professional-level massage and relaxation experience, and in addition to In addition to friends who like fitness, those who often work indoors can also use this physiotherapy device to perform in-depth massage care on the shoulders, neck, back and other areas that are prone to soreness, relieve pain and improve comfort.

Thanks to the rich massage heads provided by this fascia massage machine, we can massage all parts of the body with ease, such as the air cushion head when massaging the shoulders and neck, the fork head when massaging the back, plus The gear design of this fascia gun is reasonable, so for some sensitive positions, we can also practice using the low gear first, so that we can better grasp the massage method, and it is not easy to cause damage to sensitive positions such as joints and acupoints. .

In short, after using it in the past few days, I found that the fascia massage machine really has excellent strength, no wonder it can be very popular on Amazon. In terms of configuration alone, the 14.5mm stroke amplitude, 2700RPM speed, and 25KG thrust are among the top specifications in the same series of products, and its reasonable design also makes daily use more convenient, and there is no trouble such as noise. . In addition, because this fascia massage machine provides up to 6 types of massage heads, it is very convenient for sports warm-up, relaxation, or daily massage. If there is a need for a fascia gun, it is best to stay away from those low-quality 100 yuan machines and try this powerful fascia gun.

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