How to Use a Fascia Massage Gun to Help Relieve Muscle Tension

fascia massage gun
fascia massage gun

I believe that you who love heavy training must have encountered muscle tension and soreness, right? So do you know what might go wrong if you don’t moderately relax your body after exercise?

If you want to massage to relax, but manual massage is time-consuming and laborious, and using massage balls or massage rollers feels that the relaxation effect is limited and the force is insufficient.

I want to try a fascia massage gun, but I don’t know how to choose, and I don’t know which brands are available…

Don’t worry! Here we have sorted out 8 fascia massage guns for you. If you want to know which brands are available, you can quickly view them directly through the catalog, but if you want to know why you should relax? Where to relax? Please keep reading~

When we are training under high pressure, the body will produce lactic acid, which will lead to fatigue and soreness, and cause body parts to become tight. If the fascia is not properly relaxed after exercise, the fascia is prone to conditions.

The most common problem is that it will cause “fascia sticking”. Tissue sticking together will make you feel that certain parts of the body are stuck and restricted in movement, thus causing pain. When you press on the body parts, you feel particularly sore places. These are the so-called “trigger points”. These fascial muscle pain points are difficult to relieve through stretching and may cause chronic damage to the body over time.

Therefore, in order to avoid this situation, you must relax the fascia after heavy training.

We will use some auxiliary equipment to help us relax ourselves, such as fascia massage gun, massage ball and so on.

The operating principle of the fascia massage gun is mainly through the repeated high-frequency vibrations generated by electricity, which accelerates the blood circulation in the sore parts of the body, and relaxes the muscles with vibrations.

The fascia massage gun can more effectively transmit the force to the deep layer of the muscle in a short time through high-frequency vibration, while the general bare hands or massage balls can only relax the superficial muscles due to the limited force, so the muscles The relaxation effect and efficiency of the membrane massage gun are better.

The most suitable place to relax is in areas with hypertrophy of muscles or areas with deeper fascia adhesions, such as latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major, quadriceps, etc.

✔ Great for relaxation

This is a very important advantage of the fascia massage gun, because compared to other massage methods (such as massage balls, massage rollers), the fascia massage gun can massage very deep muscles in a shorter time.

You can also choose the corresponding massage head according to the part you want to relax, and adjust it to the number of segments (strength) that suits you, so that your massage effect can be maximized.

✔ Convenience

The fascia massage gun is small in size. Whether you want to relax and massage in the gym immediately after exercising, or use it at home, it is a good choice for storage and carrying, and the box of the massage gun is usually provided when you buy it, which can Let you take it with you and organize it.

✔ Save time and effort

The fascia massage gun generates vibration through electricity, so it is quite labor-saving in operation. As long as you take the massage gun, you can perform a deep massage on the target muscle group without any effort, and because the relaxation effect is quite good, it only takes about 3 The massage can be completed in ~5 minutes, which is quite efficient. It is a great boon for those who are too lazy to relax after retraining.

In addition, the comparison between the fascia massage gun and other massage appliances was also sorted out. Obviously, from the perspective of relaxation effect, convenience, and time-saving and labor-saving, the fascia massage gun wins.

How to use the Fascia Massage Gun

Timing for muscle relaxation

One of the purposes of muscle relaxation is to stick the low fascia to improve the “mobility” of the body. However, when the muscles are not properly relaxed, it is easy to cause tightness, and the tightness will affect the range of motion of the body during training, so The timing of relaxing the muscles can be simply divided into 3 periods:

before training

Muscle relaxation before training is to make the body more active. It can be divided into 4 parts for relaxation according to the target muscle group to be trained that day, namely the “pectoralis minor” and “upper trapezius” of the upper limbs, and the lower limbs. “Hip flexors”, “hamstrings”

These parts can be decided whether to relax before training according to your usual training feelings. Because of the work, you will often sit for a long time. Sitting for a long time will make the hip flexors often in a tight state. “Squatting” training, every time you squat down, you will feel very tight and uncomfortable during training, so now you will relax this part before training, and let yourself be in a comfortable state to more effectively improve the training effect.

after training

After the training, the relaxation part should be massaged according to the target muscle group you trained that day.


You can use the massage gun to relax when you usually use a computer at work, or sit for a long time and feel pain in the shoulders, neck, hip flexors, etc.

Grasp the 3 principles of massage gun relaxation

Choose the right type of massage head according to the target muscle group

Vibration force from “small” to “large”

Gently glide across the skin, massage stays for a long time

Overview of the steps of using the massage gun

keep your body relaxed

Feel the level of your own acceptance with a “low gear” gentle force

Massage in the direction of the texture, remember to avoid bones and joints

Gradually increase the force of the fascia massage gun for a deep massage

The overall massage time varies according to the size of the muscle group, about 1-2 minutes for small muscle groups, about 3-5 minutes for larger muscle groups, and each massage lasts about 3-5 seconds

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