The Effect of The Best Handheld Massage Gun

best handheld massage gun
best handheld massage gun

The best handheld massage gun is also called the deep myofascial impactor, which can be understood as the civilian version of the DMS (electric deep muscle stimulator). Its mechanism of action is to use its special high-speed motor to drive the “gun head” to generate high-frequency vibrations that act on the deep layers of the muscles to reduce local tissue tension and promote blood circulation. Its structure consists of five parts: drive mechanism, battery, display and controller, power adapter and replaceable massage head.

Best handheld massage gun are more and more popular and sought after in the fitness field and office workers. Based on the rapidly growing market demand, the micro-nano core has launched the best handheld massage gun solution based on the self-developed ATM8F8040K main control chip.

The best handheld massage gun massages the fascia through the high-frequency vibration generated by the motor, reduces the adhesion and nodules between the muscles and the fascia, relieves muscle soreness, reduces sports injuries and lactic acid accumulation.

The scheme controls the high-frequency motor to generate various vibration modes through the PWM signal of the single-chip microcomputer, and acts on the muscles through the massage head to promote the blood circulation of the local muscles and the effect of relaxing the muscles.

What is the principle of the handheld muscle massager ? Fascia is the white filamentous part of the muscle. There may be fascia in the muscles and tendon tissues of the whole body. The fascia gun mainly targets the myofascia, not just the fascia. The fascia gun is a soft tissue rehabilitation tool. It relaxes the soft tissue of the body through high-frequency vibration, which can relax muscles, reduce local tissue tension, and promote blood circulation. It can relieve muscle fatigue or pain symptoms caused by muscle and fascia tension.

This handheld muscle massager has a PU storage bag, because the handheld muscle massager needs to be used outdoors, the storage bag can be easily carried to outdoor occasions such as arenas, stadiums, stadiums, etc.

In addition to the recovery pro massage gun, the storage bag also includes a power adapter, instruction manual, and a small box for storing the massage head. All accessories are neatly stored.

This recovery pro massage gun has a total of 6 massage heads: flat head, ball head, air cushion head, fork head, shovel head, and pointed head. The storage box prevents the massage heads from being scattered everywhere and is easy to carry.

Its charging interface is under the grip, and there is a charging indicator. The front of the handle is a stretchy, skin-friendly material for a comfortable feel. The recovery pro massage gun has three gears adjustable and has LED light indication. The first gear is 1800 rpm and the first gear is 2200 rpm. In order to ensure the stability of operation, the maximum speed of the third gear is set at 2700 rpm.

There is a transparent visual window on the top of the body, which can see the operation status of the internal components, which is very mechanical. The shell of the cordless massage gun is made of high-quality nylon + fiberglass material, which is very strong, and has passed the drop test, which is suitable for use in harsh outdoor environments.

Its handle and body part have an angle of 135°, which is ergonomically designed. Most of the fascia guns have a right angle, and the center of gravity will be at the front when in use. It requires the wrist to resist the vibration, which increases the burden on the wrist, and it will feel very numb after use. The center of gravity of the cordless massage gun is above the tiger’s mouth, and it runs smoothly with little vibration during use.

The stroke of the fascia gun is 14.5mm, which is much higher than that of the home version of the cordless massage gun. The greater the strike depth, the deeper the deep fascia is awakened, the warm-up before exercise, the relaxation of muscles after exercise, and the stimulation of trigger points are more obvious.

According to the shape of each part of the body, this cordless massage gun is equipped with 6 resin massage heads, which can be easily and quickly replaced, and feel very close to the skin.

The general fascia gun is not suitable for the parts with less muscles such as the head and neck and the parts without bone support such as the abdomen, but this fascia gun is equipped with an air-cushion head, which is hollow and can relieve the blowing force and can be used for Use on face, neck, abdomen, etc.

The pointed head is suitable for targeted impact on deep tissues, such as meridians, joints, palms, soles, etc. It is also very effective in relieving fatigue caused by grippers.

The round head is suitable for massaging large muscle groups such as arms, back, buttocks, legs, etc., and is suitable for a wide range of muscle groups.

The parallel head has a large acting area and high striking efficiency, and is suitable for the activation and relaxation of large muscle groups.

The forked head can avoid bones such as the spine, and is also suitable for raised tendons. It is suitable for massaging the neck, spine and Achilles tendon.

The shovel-shaped head is suitable for relaxation and shaping of various muscle parts. It has a very good bounce value, and it has a very good effect on stimulation of tender points and Ashi points.

When the gun massager amazon is close to the mineral water bottle, the water in the bottle does not splash a lot, and it looks very calm. Its piston and shaft sleeve are made of high-tech wear-resistant aluminum-silicon alloy, imported double bearing design, the error accuracy of each component is controlled within 10 microns, and the vibration generated by the motor is relieved by the silicone gasket + reasonable preload clearance, and the operation It looks smooth.

In the human fascia tissue, 1-4mm is the superficial fascia, and 6-12mm is the deep fascia. If the strike depth and strength are insufficient, the deep fascia cannot be awakened, so that the effect of warming up and relieving fatigue after exercise is very important. will be greatly discounted. The 14.5mm amplitude of this gun massager amazon can effectively hit the deep fascia, because the fascia gun amplifies the output force of the motor through the centrifugal action of the eccentric block, so it has a great thrust, and its first gear is equivalent to 18 kg The thrust of the second gear is 20 kg and the third gear is 25 kg, which can hit the deep fascia and speed up the decomposition of lactic acid.

When hitting the quadriceps, it can be seen that the superficial muscles do not change much, but the deep muscles have a strong response, which proves that the energy is transmitted to the deep layers of the muscles, and such a hitting effect can effectively wake up the deep fascia. .

The gun massager amazon uses a low-noise brushless motor and high-tech wear-resistant aluminum-silicon alloy, which effectively reduces the noise and heat generated by the friction between the piston and the shaft sleeve. In the first gear, the working noise of this fascia gun is 49 decibels, which is equivalent to the hum of the refrigerator when it is cooling, which is completely acceptable.

The fascia gun has a built-in 2500mAh lithium battery, which can provide 210 minutes of battery life. After a strong anaerobic exercise, the muscles will be in a tense state, the elasticity of the fascia will become poor, dehydration, adhesion, contracture will occur, and pain and even lesions will occur. Therefore, it is necessary to perform physical massage, discharge lactic acid, reduce adhesion, and restore fascia function.

The core parameters of this fascia gun with large stroke and strong thrust can achieve the effect of activating and relaxing muscles and massaging deep fascia. Its pointed, fork, shovel and other massage heads also have good bounce value, and are also suitable for combing meridians, stimulating and dredging tender points, Ashi points and other parts, and also suitable for massage therapy. Rigorous ergonomic design and fine workmanship make it run very smoothly and with low noise. It is a very high-grade fascia gun.

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