The Best Foot And Calf Massager

foot and calf massager
foot and calf massager

This EMS foot and calf massager host is equipped with a Micro USB charging port, which can charge the 40mAh lithium battery built in the EMS foot and calf massager. Charging for 2.5 hours, if you use it for 15 minutes a day, you can use it continuously for a week, which is very good! At the bottom of this EMS leg massager host, there are two electrodes, which are connected to the metal sheet on the foot pad by two clicks, and a closed current loop can be formed on the foot pad to achieve the effect of relaxing muscles and shaping.

The switch button is designed on the top of the host, and you can click to turn it on when using it. If it is not used after power on, or the foot pad cannot feel the complete current cycle of the foot, it will shut down after 20S to achieve the effect of power saving.

The front is made of polyurethane material, which is wear-resistant and easy to clean. Even if water is accidentally dropped, it can form water droplets, which can be wiped off, which is more durable.

After being folded, the volume is really small and can be easily placed in the backpack. Even if you are on a business trip, you can relax yourself every day in the field!

After connecting to the host, you can use it directly! A total of 4 modes are designed: daily relaxation, edema relief, deep massage, and leg care. 4 modes, you can use it according to your needs.

Not only that, you can see that the main unit of this EMS foot and calf massager is designed with “+-” buttons. You can use these two buttons to adjust the strength in 10 steps, which is really smart and powerful!

I have been using this product for over a week. Every time it is turned on, this EMS leg massager is intimately set to the minimum gear by default, which feels more soothing. However, with the increase of the gear, when it reaches the 5th gear or above, the feeling is very obvious. The kind of micro-current passes through the feet directly to the legs, and there is a slight numbness of comfort. I usually use it for about 15 minutes. After using it, I feel that my leg muscles are completely relaxed, especially after exercise, which is more comfortable.

Bright pink color, stylish shape, light and compact, easy to fold, this leg massager for circulation simply fits into a handbag or suitcase, making it a “massage that can be carried on the go”.

This leg massager has 3 massage programs borrowed from professional masseuses, which can massage 5 massage parts including the calf, sole, heel, bare foot, and shin side, and wrap the calf tightly through the built-in air bag. You can choose 6 professional massage techniques, which can not only eliminate edema legs, relax leg muscles, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle pain, beautify leg lines, and relieve physical fatigue.

It is worth mentioning that the inside of this leg massager for circulation is made of antibacterial material, which can keep it clean and dry even if it is used every day, even if it is used repeatedly by many people. The sticking part of the package is made of Velcro, which can be appropriately changed according to the body shape of each user, which is not only convenient but also very user-friendly.

More importantly, this leg massager for circulation has two charging methods, one is to charge with a power cord; the other is to use it cordless as long as you carry the rechargeable battery provided by Panasonic, and you can massage anytime, anywhere. As long as you bring the battery, you can relax your calf anytime and anywhere without the limitation of time and venue.

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