Do You Need A Reathlete Leg Massage ?

reathlete leg massage
reathlete leg massage

The appearance of this reathlete leg massager is made of breathable physiotherapy airbags and silicone trachea. The materials are very good, and there is no peculiar smell. There are timing controls and stepless pressure adjustment. The operation is very simple. Basically, you can get started with a little bit of exploration, and you can easily learn it even if the elderly don’t know how to teach it several times.

In terms of experience, the airbag is very tight and the pressure is enough when inflated, and it is very comfortable to use a weak gear. You don’t have to go to strong gear. After using it for half an hour at a time, I feel that the airflow is tightening and loosening over and over again, and I can really feel the effect of pressing the entire leg, which can relieve the pressure on the muscles.

The main unit consists of 3 buttons + an indicator light. Press and hold the main unit’s power button for 2 seconds to turn it on. After booting up, the indicator light turns blue. The plus and minus keys can adjust the strength. The charging hole is a general mobile phone charging hole, and charging is also very convenient. . After turning it on, you can feel the numbness. Use the remote control to adjust to the mode you like, increase the intensity to your comfort level, and feel the vibration spread from the sole of the foot to the calf to the knee. It feels like a slap on the leg.

How about this reathlete leg massager, I think it’s not bad, it’s wrapped very well, the material is very good, and the pressure is not bad. It can really massage and knead the entire leg, which has the effect of soothing and activating blood. The strength is quite strong, and it is really comfortable after the massage. Finally, I don’t need to make the calf hurt all the time, and it can also heat up, which can have a very good physical therapy effect.

This air compression leg massager has 4 air cells (two on each of the left and right legs), which can press the muscles of the feet and calves from bottom to top, or massage the legs and feet together at the same time.

Intelligent timing, 20 minutes automatic shutdown, safe and reliable. Easy to fold and store, small size, light weight, and easy to carry. Simple operation, heatable, three strengths. Because it can be heated, it has a certain effect of softening muscles and ligaments before exercise. It also helps relieve fatigue after exercise. There are also small vibrations to massage around the knees.

Relieve sore muscles and say goodbye to elephant legs

The 360-degree massage is evenly stressed to meet the massage of different parts, and the width of the anti-break elastic bracket is adjustable within 60cm

Independent four-wheel gathering and rolling, no meat and no skin damage, EVA elastic material, comfortable touch, water ripple massage floating point is not easy to sting

The daily tired legs and feet relieved a lot of stress and completely relaxed.

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