What is Sports Massage Gun?

sports massage gun
sports massage gun

What is sports massage gun?

Simply put, fascia is the connective tissue that coats our muscles, bones, organs, and nerves, and acts like a lubricant that helps our body perform postural movements.

Prolonged muscle movement will cause fascia adhesion and damage, which will bring about fasciitis, skeletal muscle pain, lumbar muscle strain and other diseases.

The principle of the sports massage gun is to use high-frequency vibration to break up the fascia, accelerate blood circulation, and relax muscle tissue.

Similarly, small props such as fascia balls and foam rollers also use the principle of “pressing stimulation points” to achieve the effect of muscle relaxation

But the great thing about the sports massage gun is that its high-intensity vibration frequency, amplitude and adjustable massage head can save us a lot of trouble. It’s more of an on-call “personal masseuse”.

When you exercise for a few hours continuously, or after sitting in front of the desk for a day, your shoulders, neck, back and back are stiff and sore. At this time, you can open the fascial gun massager, aim it at the sore spot on your body, and let the massage head wander freely on your body. Tame the lactic acid in your muscles to the point where you lose your temper instantly and escape your body immediately.

“In a moment, my waist won’t be sore, and my legs won’t hurt anymore. I can go to the fifth floor in one breath.” – This is a person who has never used a fascia gun. An optimistic vision of the effect of the fascia gun.

But if you spend your day on your computer and phone, you can experience stiffness in your neck, shoulders, and upper back. The long-term solution is to let go of the electronics, but if you’re going to keep the job, you can of course use a fascial gun massager to relax your shoulder and neck muscles after work.

In order to meet the needs of different scenarios, this massage fascia gun is equipped with 6 professional massage heads. The massage head that comes with the massage gun has

There are six types: spherical, plastic flat, metal flat, metal round head, bullet and Y-shaped. The 6 professional massage heads feel very skin-friendly and will not cause damage to the skin, so there is no need to worry about the safety of use.

The muscles in the four regions of the arms, back, buttocks, and legs are the most prone to soreness. The professional spherical head massage head can effectively relieve muscle pain. For the relaxation of various muscle parts, the professional flat head massage head can effectively relieve muscle stiffness. High-intensity exercise often causes damage to the meridian joints, and the sole of the palm is the most obvious. It is most suitable to choose a professional cylindrical massage head, especially the sole of the foot will feel more comfortable. Compared with the massage of the opposite sex on the neck and Achilles tendon, the professional Y-shaped head massage head can effectively achieve a comfortable massage.

The brushless motor of this massage fascia gun has a high power of 60W and a large torque of up to 106mN.m. There are 6 levels of adjustment to choose from. 1st gear

The impact force of the adjustment position is 1300 rpm, which can activate stiff and painful muscles; the impact force of the 4th adjustment position is 2400 rpm, which can relax the damaged fascia; the impact force of the 6th adjustment position is 3200 rpm, which can be worn Deep massage through 12mm deep muscle groups.

This massage fascia gun is a muscle fascia relaxation fascial gun massager. It drives the massage head through a high-speed motor to generate high-frequency vibrations that can penetrate deep muscles.

It can quickly relax the tight and stiff muscle tissue, disintegrate the muscle pain after strenuous exercise, and relieve the fatigue and discomfort of the heavy and weak limbs.

Since the use time of the fascia gun is not as long as possible, this massage fascia gun will automatically stop working after about 10 minutes of use. For lithium batteries with a capacity of 3400mah, there is no problem in frequent use for about 40 days, which effectively avoids the trouble of frequent charging.

How to use the gun massage machine and contraindications:

#1 Move along the muscle lines

Anyone who has cut meat knows that the muscles are textured, and a knife will make the meat look terrible, and the same is true for people.

When using the gun massage machine, remember to massage along the direction of the muscles, don’t press the left side, – hit the right side,

The effect of not accumulating relaxation will be reduced, and it may also cause damage by pressing the wrong place.

#2 Relax for 30 seconds – 1 minute in each area

It is recommended to change the duration of the fascia gun according to the gun head, for example: the front end area of ​​the vertebral head is smaller and the force is more concentrated.

The use time is about 30 seconds; the spherical tip, because of the larger area, hits the muscles more evenly,

Can be extended to 1 minute.

#3 Do not use too much force

The fascia gun uses vibration to hit the outer skin → fat → fascia, and then reaches the muscle, because the skin is

The first one to bear the force, so when the high shock wave is combined with the hard pressing, the epidermal tissue may bruise,

Even the muscles get minor lacerations!

It is recommended to control the force when using the gun massage machine, and focus on large muscles, such as quadriceps, buttocks, etc.,

Avoid using it in areas with thin muscle layers, such as shoulders, to reduce the problem of bruising and lacerations.

#4 There are parts that should not be used

Fascia guns are usually used where there is muscle tissue, the following areas – must be avoided:


There are many nerves and lymphoid tissues in the armpit. Too much force can easily cause the lymphatic injury and inflammation.

Or it may hit a nerve, which may cause numbness in the hand.

#chest belly

Important organs such as the heart, lungs, kidneys and stomach are located in the chest and abdomen, where high shock waves are used

fascia gun, may cause shock injury.


Carotid artery, femoral artery.. and other large blood vessels, continuous force may cause damage and cause thrombosis. The scary thing is thrombosis

After falling off, with the blood flow to the brain, it is easy to cause ischemic stroke!


Putting a high shock wave on a hard joint is equivalent to hitting the wall with the knee, which can easily cause joint damage.

#5 Not all post-workout ailments work

The fascia gun is only suitable for muscle pain after training, if it is for strains, sprains, cartilage inflammation… and other pain,

Do not continue to use the gun massage machine on the injured part, it will make your disease more serious! The above sports injuries,

Stretching or seeking medical assistance is the best solution.

Prohibited groups of massage guns:


*cancer patient

*Patients with cardiovascular disease

* Persons with cardiac pacemakers

*with trauma

*Osteoporosis patients

*Patients with venous thromboembolic disease

In order to facilitate the use of the fascia gun, this massage fascia gun is equipped with an original special fashion color storage box as standard, so that whether it is carried outdoors or used in the indoor gym, it is very convenient to adapt to different usage requirements of the scene.

The massage fascia gun can effectively relieve muscle and fascia tension, help the body recover to the best state, eliminate muscle soreness and make exercise more effective.

In particular, the YUGUN impact massage gun with self-developed SMOOTHDRIVETM noise reduction technology ensures strong power and noise (30-50dB) is also well taken into account. Compared with some larger exercises, it can make the muscles relax and rest well, and improve the comfortable feeling of high-intensity exercise!

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