V Face Slimming Massager LL-1501A

Product NameV-face
Voltage5V  1A
Charging Time2 hours
SizeSofa: 750*350*350 CM
Usage Time3 hours
Battery3.7v  1000MAH
Item Typeface lift massager machine


Feature :
1.48 pieces LED light, LED light therapy
2.Three main working modes:red-blue light intermittent alternating vibration
mode, red-blue light continuous alternating vibration mode, and blue light static irradiation mode.
3.Intelligent remote control
design, simple and convenient for operation
4.15 min working times setting design, the v-face lifting belt will turn off
automatically after 10 min working, avoid device overused
5.Through scientific design, close to the face.The angle of the V-face
lift belt can be adjusted freely, can fit for different face size
6.Ultra thin, stretchy, breathable, anti-bacteria, radiation proof, comfortable.
7.Can reduce wrinkles, prevent aging, rapid change round to delicate faces